Egy-Booking.com is honored to provide the free service of medical consulting for corona virus Covid-19 patients. In cooperation with Dar El Fouad Hospital with its branches (6th October – Nasr City)

This service includes:

• Requesting and inquiring about any questions related to corona virus Covid-19, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
• Providing the option of uploading the medical report of your analyzes and x-rays, and we will send you a full medical report of the case, along with the required medical procedures, based on the work and consult of the finest doctors in Egypt and middle east.
• Egy-booking.com provides (room – intensive care – isolation room - .. etc) in Dar El Fouad Hospital after it granted the permissions from the Egyptian ministry of health.

** The online consulting service is free of charge for any medical or managerial fees.

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