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Ein Kigar
Ein Kigar

My dear ones, the place of followers of the Ramadan series "Wakaya", today we will discuss a type of tourism called "tourism", which is a type of tourism in which it is directed to places famous for medical health care, health care and health care in resorting to the springs of hot water, sulfur lakes, and the effects of salt , Psychotherapy, and Psychotherapy.

In fact, there are many areas that offer medical tourism in Egypt, the most famous of which is "Siwa Oasis", an oasis that is administratively affiliated to the Governorate of Marsa Matruh, located between the Egyptian Sea of Sands in the Western Desert, and the Qattara Depression.

And away from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea about 300 square kilometers towards Marsa Matrouh from the southwest. This oasis is rich with springs of water, and the hot sand used in the treatment of skin and rheumatic diseases, as it has more than two hundred water springs, all fresh, producing about 190 thousand cubic meters of water used for irrigation, drinking, and treatment.

And one of the water springs that Siwa Oasis is famous for, Ain Kigar, whose water temperature is 67 degrees Celsius, and it is reported that by analyzing its waters, it was found that it contains several mineral and sulfur elements similar to the mineral springs located in the Czech region of Carlo Vivari, which are accepted by tourists from various Parts of the world as a physiotherapy resort.

So if you are looking for a place to help you recover from skin or rheumatic diseases, you should go to Ein Kigar in Siwa Oasis!