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Aisha Fahmy Palace
Aisha Fahmy Palace
Aisha Fahmy Palace

As a continuation of our "Place and Story" series, today we will learn about a 114-year-old mansion! It is Aisha Fahmy Palace. It was designed by the Italian engineer, "Antonio Lachk" in 1907, overlooking the Nile in the Zamalek district in Cairo. And if you ask, dear reader, who is Aisha Fahmy, she is the daughter of Ali Pasha Fahmi, the great Yawran, King Fuad the First. The palace was known by its name, due to the fact that she bought her brothers' share in the palace in 1924, in order to make the palace her property. It is noteworthy that the ownership of the palace was transferred to the Ministry of Culture in 1973. In 1975 AD, the writer "Youssef El Sebaei", Minister of Culture at the time, managed to add the palace to the Arts and Literature Authority, and a year later, it turned into a complex for plastic arts.

The palace occupies an area of 2,700 square meters, and abounds in linen and silk paintings, and the sides of its walls are full of European motifs. The palace contains two floors, the first with many rooms devoted to displaying paintings of plastic art. As for the second, it includes several rooms dominated by an archaeological character, including the Japanese room, designed specifically for Princess Aisha Fahmy, whose walls are inscribed with some Japanese words and pictures.

This classic architectural masterpiece was developed and restored on the 17th of May 2017, and the development work included careful reinforcement of the floors, wall injections, meticulous restoration of ornaments, tapestries, bedspreads, oil paintings, dressing rooms, and more. The palace was also equipped with the latest security systems for museums, including protection, theft, fire, and the museums separation system. However, the basement of the palace has been converted into a hall for plastic arts on an area of 1000 square meters.

This was just a simple description of the palace and what it contains, but if you want to enjoy the view of the palace's most wonderful details, in this case we recommend that you visit it!