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Museum of Royal Vehicles

Royal Vehicle Museum in Cairo In the area of Bulaq Abu Ala on the outskirts of the opening in a few days. Egypt is changing 🇪🇬 The Museum of Royal Vehicles was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail (1863-1879), then named in the interest of the Khedive Recitals, then changed its name to the Royal Recital In 1914, and then finally became the Royal Recital Museum in 1978. The Royal Motor Museum in Bulaq is packed with a unique collection of "oil paintings" portraits of kings, queens, princesses and princes of the Upper Dynasty. It is worth mentioning that the "Museum of Royal Vehicles" was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail (1863-1879), and the restoration project began in 2001 and then stopped completely years ago, costing about 63 million pounds at that time. The museum is one of the rarest museums in the world after the museums of Russia, England and Austria. The development of the Royal Motor Museum included the rehabilitation of the building, its structural reinforcement, the restoration of facades, the completion of architectural finishes, and the equipping of its exhibition halls, which opened in August 2020.