Articles Sightseeing Why you should visit Egypt, before you think about visiting another country:

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Why you should visit Egypt, before you think about visiting another country:

  • Being one of the oldest and most interesting civilizations in the world, as the pyramids of Giza, statues and ancient Egyptian tombs are still the focus of the attention of archaeologists and the whole world, and to this day, the discovery of remnants of the ancient Egyptian civilization continues.
  • It contains the longest river in the world, the "Nile River", which extends about 6695 km and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The possibility of following the footsteps of Moses, peace be upon him, through your visit to Mount Sinai, known as Mount Al-Tur or Mount Moses, as it is the place where Moses received the divine commandments from God.
  • Availability of different sites to live an unforgettable diving experience in the Red Sea, where the wonderful coral reefs and colorful and distinctive fish.
  • Inclusion of the best and most beautiful beaches that bring happiness to all its visitors.
  • Being a destination for water sports champions from all over the world, due to the perfect weather and the safe, stable waters.
  • Possessing some of the best Islamic arts and architecture on the earth, as it abounds with ancient mosques such as Ibn Tulun Mosque, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque and School and others.
  • The spread and popularity of medical tourism in Egypt, where hot springs treat respiratory diseases, kidneys, bones, and other skin problems, as well as sand and mud treatments.
  • Being home to the best museums in the world such as: The Egyptian Museum, Luxor Museum, Nubia Museums, and others. In addition to the inclusion of a group of the best archaeological temples, the most important of which are: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Abu Simbel Temple, and Medinet Habu Temple.
  • Traveling in Egypt is an experience in itself. People have different dialects, special food, unique traditions, and different costumes. Even the cities have different languages.

And a lot that you will discover during your visit to the mother of the world, Egypt.