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The House of the Nation Museum

In the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood on Saad Zaghloul Street, the Museum of the Leader of the Nation, the leader of the 1919 revolution, and the owner of the famous saying “mafish fayda” settled, the national leader “Saad Zaghloul,” “The House of the Nation Museum.”

A museum that was originally a home for the leader Saad Zaghloul and his wife, the mother of Egyptians, Safiya Zagloul. After her death, the state transformed the house into a museum containing the belongings of Saad and his wife in 1946 AD. Saad Zaghloul started its construction in the middle of 1901 AD, completed it the following year, and moved to it on April 24, 1902.

And by looking closely inside the corners of the museum, we find that there is a small salon, which was designated to receive the guests of Saad Zagloul in the winter, we also find the large salon room to receive members of the Wafd Party, and there is also his office room, which includes the portfolio of notes papers he used, besides the feather In which he used to write, and also includes the Haramlek Museum, which is the place where Safiya Zaghloul used to receive her friends, and there is Safiya Zaghloul’s library room, which contains inside it a collection of books that she loved to read, as well as art holdings, including 12 paintings by seniors plastic artists, including: Youssef Kamel and Mahmoud Hussein.

After a simple description of what the museum contains, we will leave you the pleasure of discovering more about it during your visit to it.