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Muhammed Ali mosque

Similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Astana, one of the most famous ancient Egyptian mosques was built, the "Mohamed Ali Mosque", located inside the Salah al-Din Citadel in Cairo Governorate, also known as the Almarmar Mosque and the Alabaster Mosque, due to the frequent use of this type of marble in cladding its internal and external walls.


On the ruins of ancient buildings dating back to the Mamluk era, and in the period between 1830 and 1848 AD, the Muhammad Ali Mosque was built after Muhammad Ali Pasha commissioned the Turkish engineer “Yusuf Bushnaq” to develop the design of the mosque. With some minor modifications. Thus, the mosque was built during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and its successors completed its construction, adding to it some simple additions.


For those who have not visited the mosque yet, it is rectangular in construction and is divided into an eastern and western section. The eastern section is prepared for prayer and is square in shape, with a high dome in the middle, and around it there are four half-domes, and a fifth half covering the protrusion of the mihrab, as well as four small domes distributed in the corners of the mosque. And for the western one, it is represented in the courtyard, in the middle of which there is a fountain. You can find the bench of the muezzins in the western wall, and in the direction of the qiblah you find the mihrab built of alabaster marble, and next to it is a marble building erected during the reign of King Farouk, and near it, the old wooden minbar decorated with gilded inscriptions. In the western tribal corner, the tomb of Muhammad Ali Pasha rests.


On both sides of the western side of the courtyard of the mosque, there are two minarets at a height of 84 meters above the floor level of the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard, you can notice the ablution dome, which was built in 1844 AD, and its interior is decorated with inscriptions that represent natural landscapes. And in the middle of the western portico of the courtyard is a copper tower, inside which there is a ticking clock, which was gifted to Muhammad Ali by King Louis Philippe of France in 1845 AD.