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Open Museum of El-Matareya Obelisk

In the El-Mataria Obelisk, one of Egypt's archaeological museums is located, which will be interesting to visit and explore what is inside, which is the "Open Museum of El-Matareya Obelisk".

A museum containing 135 artifacts from the Old Kingdom to the New Kingdom. It tells the history of the oldest Egyptian city, the city of On.

Among the most important holdings of the open-air museum of the Matariya Obelisk: the obelisk of King Sonsert I, one of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty, in addition to many other obelisks discovered in the area, and there is a huge statue of King Ramses II in the priest’s robe made of sandstone, missing the upper part, and we also find carved statues of temples From the era of King Amenhotep III and Ramses II, as well as a group of black granite vegetal columns from the era of King Merneptah.