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Nasr Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

In Port Said Governorate, specifically July 23 Street below the Obelisk of the Martyrs, the Nasr Museum for Modern Egyptian Art was established in December 1995, in appreciation of the struggle and steadfastness of Port Said and its people, as well as documenting their heroism.

The museum contains artworks by Egypt's great artists in various types of plastic art, including sculpture, photography, drawing, graphics, and ceramics for various topics.

In addition to this, we find that the museum has a significant role in the cultural life of Port Said, as artistic and literary seminars, exhibitions and musical evenings are held. The museum also adopts the communication of the message of art, high creativity, and care for the talented children of Port Said, through the art workshops held by the museum and supervised by professional artists, Working in the fine arts sector.

And more you will discover about the Nasr Museum of Modern Egyptian Art during your visit to it at the earliest opportunity.