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Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

Within the premises of the Cairo Opera House, we find one of Egypt's archaeological museums, the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art. A museum that was established in 1936 AD, and it was officially opened in late October 1991. The museum was designed by the architect "Mostafa Bek Fahmy". The museum was called the Grand Serail, and it was re-developed and equipped to become the permanent headquarters of the Museum of Egyptian Modern Art.

The museum contains among its pillars thousands of distinguished artworks from the creations of Egyptian artists from the twenties until today. It includes a large number of artworks in painting, sculpture, ceramics, and others. And for the museum display, it includes the three floors of the museum, as well as an open-air display at the front of the museum of large-scale sculptures.

It is reported that the museum was undergone several developments until it was last opened in November 2020.