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Imhotep Museum

In honor of his memory, as he was the first to erect a pyramidal building, and the first to use stone in constructing huge buildings, the Imhotep Museum was established in 2006 in the archaeological area of Saqqara.

By visiting the Imhotep Museum, you will find that it consists of several halls containing more than 500 rare artifacts excavated from the Saqqara archaeological site. Among these halls is the "Saqqara Missions" hall, which presents the results of the Egyptian and foreign missions in Saqqara, and there is the "Saqqara Styles" hall, which tells about the distinctiveness of the Saqqara antiquities area from the rest of the archaeological sites. There is also the "Saqqara Tombs Hall", which contains a model of a tomb containing the oldest royal mummy of King "Marnara", son of King Pepi I, which was found in the king's burial chamber south of the Saqqara ruins.

Among the most important artifacts in the museum is the painting of King Unas or Wenis, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty, called the “Famine” painting.