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Church of "Abu Serga"

It is a church that enjoys a special religious status among the Christian churches in the world, due to the Holy Family resorting to the cave of that church twice during its journey to Egypt back and forth. It is the Church of "Abu Serga", also known as the Church of the cave, and the Church of Saints "Sergius and Yachus".

The Abu Serga Church is located approximately in the middle of the Roman fortress in Old Cairo, in the Compound of Religions in Cairo. It was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress. And for the date of its inception, some scholars believe that it dates back to the late fourth or early fifth century AD, while others believe that it dates back to the seventh century AD.

Similar to the early churches, the church and its caves belong to the basilica church style, which consists of three parts: an entrance vestibule and a nave, along with three structures, with a cave below. The church was distinguished by its unique architectural and artistic elements, reflecting the spirit of Coptic architecture in Egypt, such as: the noblest, the baptismal bath, and the wooden veils inlaid with ivory, as well as the religious scenes representing the saints, and the icons on the various domes, walls and columns.