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Tree of the Virgin Mary

Coinciding with the celebration of the anniversary of the entry of the Holy Family into the land of Egypt, let us talk about one of the paths of the Holy Family, which is the "Tree of the Virgin Mary".

In the archaeological area of Matariya, near the Obelisk of Sonsert, the Holy Family sheltered during their journey in the sycamore tree in the area, to escape from the oppression of the Roman King at that time, “Herods”, who wanted to kill Christ, fearing that he would become king over the Jews instead of him and his descendants. Since then, that tree has become blessed, along with the well next to it, in which the Virgin Mary bathed her child and washed his clothes.

It is reported that this tree fell in 1656 AD, which prompted a group of priests to take a branch of this tree, and plant it in the church adjacent to the area of the tree called the Church of the Tree of Mary, and then the tree grew and branched. Not long ago, a branch was taken from this tree, and it was planted next to the old, original tree, which is now full of leaves and sycamore fruits.