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Old Port Said Lighthouse

It is one of the most famous archaeological landmarks of Port Said. It is the first lighthouse built with reinforced concrete in the world. In 2012 AD, it and its annexes were included in the list of Islamic and Coptic monuments. It is the "Old Port Said Lighthouse".


It was built in 1869 AD during the reign of Khedive Ismail, within the district of the Sharq district, which was formerly known as the Al-Efrangi district. The famous French engineer, François Connier, supervised its construction. It was established to guide ships passing through the Suez Canal. It is 56 meters high.


The lighthouse was designed in the form of an octagon, above it, there is a ball that determines the time for the workers, as it emits a very loud whistle sound at three times of the day: eight in the morning, when work begins, then at 12 in the afternoon, when it is time for a break, and then four in the afternoon, a warning that there is the time to leave work.