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October 1973 war panorama

To commemorate the glorious October victory, and to document the heroism of the great Egyptian people, the October War Panorama Museum was established in 1983, on an area of 31,000 square meters. It was opened on October 5, 1989, and in 2018, it underwent restoration and development operations to be opened again in 2019


On a tour inside the museum, we find the open-air display, which displays a group of Egyptian weapons and military equipment, along with the weapons of the enemy that were seized during the October War. And there is the Hall of Resilience and Challenge, which displays, through a three-dimensional cinema with different effects, the film Resilience and Challenge, which deals with the stages of rebuilding the armed forces and the freedom of attrition after 1967 AD, in preparation for the battle of victory. The museum also includes the panoramic hall, which includes a moving circular theater overlooking a giant oil painting, and a model of the battle theater, and tells the epic of the crossing. We also find the Transit Hall, which contains a cinematic screen showing the transit process, and embodies the glorious October stages, peace negotiations through a graphic film, and others.