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Tanta Archaeological Museum

Visiting archaeological museums is an unparalleled pleasure. One of these museums is the Tanta Archeological Museum. The Tanta Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest regional museums in Egypt, and it is the only archaeological museum in Gharbia Governorate.


By researching the history of the Tanta Archaeological Museum, we find that its first beginning was in 1913 AD, as a hall was allocated in the Tanta City Council to display some antiquities. In 1957, it was moved to the entrance to the municipal cinema. Then, in 1981, the current museum was established, opened in 1990, and then closed for 19 years in order to restore and develop it, to be opened again in 2019.


The museum consists of five floors, and the third floor is dedicated to displaying the two thousand and five archaeological collections covering the history of Egypt from prehistoric times, through ancient, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras, up to the modern era.


And for the museum display scenario, it is divided into two parts, the first of them is in the second floor, and it presents the archaeological discoveries in the Delta. And for the third floor, it includes artifacts that reflect the ancient Egyptian concepts and beliefs about the other world, in addition to a group of artifacts expressing Coptic art and Islamic art, as well as a collection dating back to the modern era, specifically the upper Dynasty era. Also, through displaying a group of currencies, trade and its impact on Egyptian society were discussed, and other exhibits.