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The tombs of the nobles

As we mentioned earlier, visiting ancient tombs is not something everyone likes, however, there are few who find visiting them fun and exciting.


One of these tombs is the tombs of the nobles located northwest of Aswan, which is also known as the tombs of Qubbat al-Hawa in relation to the tomb of Sheikh "Ali Abu al-Hawa" located at the top of the hill. These tombs were carved into the rocks of the hills, and they overlooked both the islands of plants and Elphantine. It is attributed to a group of high-ranking officials during the Old and Middle Kingdom era, including: "Harkhov" and "Sanbe" from the era of the Old Kingdom, and "Sarnbot I", and "Sarnbot II" from the era of the Middle Kingdom. Among the most important of these tombs is the tomb of "Harkhof", the ruler of Elephantine and head of the royal campaigns, who recorded a text on the walls of his tomb, explaining his exploratory and commercial trips to the south, as well as mentioning the details of his trade trip to Punt land.


And for the walls of these tombs, the important role played by high-ranking officials and nobles during that period of exploratory, commercial and military expeditions was documented on them. It was also decorated with images from the usual life in the days of the ancient Egyptians, such as scenes of cow slaughter, visiting relatives and friends, hunting fish and birds, and others.