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The Suez National Museum

On an area of 6000 square meters, on the Gulf of Suez, the Suez National Museum, which was opened in 2012, has settled

By visiting it, you will find that it contains 2500 artifacts that tell the story of the city from prehistoric times to modern times. And it consists of two floors separated by an open gallery, in addition to a museum garden in which there is a model of one of the ships of the fleet of Queen Hatshepsut inside an artificial water basin. Also, you will wander inside its halls: the old Suez Canal Hall, the Navigation and Trade Hall, the Mining Hall, and the Qalzum Hall, as well as the modern Suez Canal Hall.


There is no doubt that you will enjoy the scenario of the museum display, as it tells the story of Qalzam and the Nekau Canal, and highlights the history of Egypt’s trade relations, mining and ship building, as well as the importance of the city in relation to pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and the history of the current Suez Canal, as well as dedicating an entire hall to the history of The Modern Suez in order to document the heroism of the sons of the city during their struggle against the British occupation, and during the October 1973 battle.