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Tall basta museum

Tall Basta Museum was opened in 2018. It is originally focused on the excavations carried out by the Egyptian and foreign missions in the governorate in general, and the Tall Basta area in particular. The museum contains 43 windows and about 1,000 artifacts that reflect the history of Sharkia Governorate through the ages. The most prominent of these pieces is the statue of "Merit amon", the wife of King Ramses II.


In addition to this, the museum includes a variety of antiquities, including: figurines made of burnt clay, a number of lamps, and offering tables. It also contains a hall dedicated to the goddess Bastet, which has many bronze statues of deities. And for the museum display scenario, it embodies the life of the citizens and society in Sharqia, the crafts, and the customs, traditions, thought and religion that characterize the people of the governorate.