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Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

 What do you think about making the topic of our discussion today about the largest church in the Middle East in terms of size and capacity? It is the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, located in the new administrative capital, south of the central park.


Dear reader, this cathedral was designed in a way that combines the Egyptian spirit and the Coptic identity, on an area of 63 thousand square meters, and 7,500 square meters is the area of the cathedral building, and it can accommodate more than 8 thousand people. It was decorated with 73 icons that tell of the life of Jesus and the Egyptian saints. The building consists of a basement, a nave, and a minaret with a height of up to 60 meters. It also contains a papal headquarters, administrative offices, and a main church consisting of two floors. The first can accommodate about 2,500 worshipers, and the second can accommodate about 6,500 worshipers. The church includes a huge minaret, designed according to Coptic architecture, topped with several bells, and it contains a main nave covered with two perpendicular vaults, the diameter of each of them is 40, and they form a cross. In the center of the nave, we find the dome of the cathedral, 93 meters above the ground, bearing four main arches. The church also contains a museum hall for its history, an assembly hall, a rest room for the bishops, a baptismal hall, and a hall for VIPs.