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Lesan area

One of the most important tourist attractions in Ras El Bar, as it is the meeting place for visitors at sunset in order to live the most beautiful moments. And with it, the Nile River meets the Mediterranean Sea in a more than wonderful view without mixing! This is what God Almighty mentioned in his Noble Book by saying, “The meadow of Bahrain converges, while the isthmus does not mix.” It is “the lesan area.”


It is an island in the shape of a triangle, its apex is the lesan area, its eastern side is in the Nile River, and the western is the Mediterranean Sea, and its base represents the navigational channel of Damietta Port. It is a tourist walkway built on the northeastern coast, supported by barriers in order to prevent the coast from erosion.


That charming view is not the only thing that you will enjoy in El-Lesan area, as on the right side of El-Lesan, there is a tiered theater for performing artistic performances, as well as attending the Sound and Light concert, which tells about the history of Damietta and the city of Ras El Bar, as well as a trip to the confluence of the River the Nile in the Mediterranean Sea in the lesan area.