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"Sin Najm" tomb

As we said before, it may be a little strange, but for some, visiting ancient tombs is one of the most interesting and exciting things.


One of these tombs is the "Sin Najm" tomb in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, which was discovered in the cemetery of Deir al-Madina by the Bedouin "Salem Abu Duha" in 1886 AD. It was published by Breuer in 1959. When Salem Abu Doha discovered it, he informed the famous archaeologist, Gaston Maspero, who in turn examined the contents of the tomb, and found it as it was, nothing had been stolen from it, after that, he took these contents to England to be displayed in the British Museum.


The tomb is decorated with very accurate and beautiful patterns and colors, and it is also interspersed with murals showing a "Sin Najm" as it plows the land in the other world. Within it were found 20 mummies, most of whom belonged to the "Sin Najm" family.


It is reported that "Sun Najm" was the chief foreman of workers in Deir el-Medina, who specialize in building the tombs of the pharaohs of the modern Egyptian kingdom, and that was during the era of King Seti I and the early era of his son, King Ramses II.