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The black pyramid

About this very solid body, archaeological researcher "Ahmed Sultan" says that it fell from space, and is a cut part of a meteorite that the ancient Egyptians found after colliding with the Earth! Some scholars around him also claim that the ancient Egyptians were aware of the places where meteors and meteorites fell from the sky, and that they used them, after their extinguishment and coldness, in forming such sculptures.

This object is the "Pyramid of Ben Bin", the black magnetic pyramid. It was found in Ain Shams, and it is currently residing in the Egyptian Museum. A pyramid made of black iron stone, difficult to shape and engraved, which puzzled scientists, as very precise inscriptions were carved on its faces, which could not be carved by ordinary hands, but rather advanced devices such as lasers.

And what may be implausible for some, the pyramid, due to the composition of its components, emits electromagnetic energy that causes everyone who approaches it to feel psychological comfort and mental clarity! How about you go yourself to the Egyptian Museum and see if this is true or not?