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Ain Al Serw

Dear reader, you may not believe what we are about to say, but it is already what is happening. About 45 km north of the city of Farafra in the White Desert Reserve in the New Valley Governorate, one of the natural wonders is based, namely, "Ain Al-Serw".


An eye that is unique from other underground springs in the world in that its fresh water remains dry all the time until any living creature approaches it, as if it senses the coming of that living creature, which may be a human, animal, bird, or even an insect. At that time, the water begins to rise gradually until the entire eye is filled, and as soon as this creature leaves, the water returns to the ground until it dries up completely as if it were a dry eye!


And if you wonder about the reason for this strange phenomenon, many geologists and specialists in the field of groundwater attributed the reason to the fact that the land surrounding the eye may have a special nature that makes it like a sponge, storing water in the ground, and whenever any living creature approaches it, this causes pressure surrounding that eye, and then the exit of fresh water.