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Mohamed Ali Palace

An archaeological masterpiece in the Shubra El-Kheima area, over 200 years old, and a witness to important historical events in the modern history of Egypt. It is the "Muhammad Ali Palace".


On an area of 59 acres, in the year 1223 AH, Muhammad Ali Pasha began building his palace, and oversaw its construction, "Masheed Ammanra Zulfikar Katkhuda". It combined the European style in drawings and decorations, and the spirit of Islamic architecture planning, as it relied on the wide garden surrounded by a huge wall, and inside it we find several buildings, each of them carries distinctive architectural characteristics. In 1821 AD, the "Saraya Al-Fasqiah" was added to the garden, then "Saraya Al-Jabaliah", then the "Al-Fasqiah Building".


It is noteworthy that one of the things that made the palace unique is that it witnessed the introduction of the first modern lighting systems. Among the masterpieces in the palace are the waterwheel tower, and antique paintings of Muhammad Ali Pasha and his family.