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Great Aten Temple

Located 10 km from the city of Mallawi in the Minya Governorate, the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna is located. One of the monuments of this city is represented in the "Great Temple of Aten". A temple built by King Akhenaten for the god Aten. It is the main and largest temple in the city. Its length reaches about 1 km from east to west, and 250 m from north to south.


A temple that differed in its design from the temples of the modern state. It is closer to the sun temples of the Fifth Dynasty. We find that it does not have a roof in order to allow sunlight in. Most of its parts were built with mud bricks, except for the columns and gates. It was surrounded by a large wall, 800 m long and 300 m wide, and in the middle of its western wall is an entrance in the form of an edifice between two high brick towers.


It is mentioned that "Amarna" was the capital of Egypt in the era of the modern Pharaonic state, as it is the city chosen by Akhenaten as the capital of his kingdom called "sister of Aten".