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Luxor museum

It was built on an area of more than 5,300 square meters, to be located on the Nile Corniche on the eastern bank of Luxor Governorate, to be one of its most prominent tourist attractions. It is the "Luxor Museum", which was opened to visitors in 1975 AD.


A two-storey archaeological masterpiece, the first contains a group of rare antiquities discovered, such as: the granite head of the statue of Amenhotep III, the statue of the god Amun, and the largest alabaster statue in Egypt of the god Sobek and Amenhotep III. For the second, a group of statues of Akhenaten rests, a number of engraved stones known as petals, some Coptic funerary paintings, and others.


As you wander around the museum, you will notice one of the museum's most important galleries, which is the "Cache" hall, which was opened in 1989 AD to include the archaeological discoveries that were found in Luxor Temple, and the "Glory of Thebes" hall, which reviews the features of Egypt's military history over several historical eras, will stop you. There is no doubt that you will have fun while passing through the rest of the museum's exhibits, as there is King Tutankhamun's war wheel, a group of artifacts that were in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, a small obelisk of King Ramses III, and other artifacts that adorn the corners of the museum.