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Temple of Khonsu

It represents a complete model of the ancient Egyptian temple, and its construction began by King "Ramses III" in 1198 BC, completed by "Ramses IV", and after him "Ramses XI", and finished by the high priest and the last king of the twentieth dynasty "Harihor" in 1085 BC. It was built by the kings of the modern state in order to worship the third deity in the famous Theban trinity, which is "Khonsu", the god of the moon in the ancient Egyptian religion, the son of Amun and Mut in the Theban trinity.


It is the Temple of Khonsu, located within the Karnak temple complex in Luxor Governorate. The temple includes a pylon and forty columns in the form of a papyrus plant, an open courtyard, a room of the Holy of Holies, and three rooms of the Theban Trinity, as well as another group of rooms that were for priests, keeping tools and praying.

It is noteworthy that in 2019, restoration operations were carried out on the temple, including: the restoration of six compartments in the temple, cleaning the columns and removing the old restoration that took place in the sixties and seventies, and replacing it with restoration work according to modern scientific methods, in addition to the restoration of the Ptolemy III Gate, which connects the Temple of Khonsu with the penguin of rams.