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Qasr Qaroun temple

On the twenty-first of December every year, the Qasr Qarun Temple witnesses a unique phenomenon, namely, the sun perpendicular to the Holy of Holies (the main and right shrine) for 25 minutes.


The temple is one of Fayoum's tourist attractions. It is located in an ancient city known as "Dinasios", near Lake Qarun. It served as a Roman protectorate and a fortress to defend the city. It was dedicated to the worship of the god "Sobek", and "Dionysius", the Roman god of love and wine. Its origin goes back to the Greek and Roman eras. It was built of yellow brick made of limestone. It consists of two halls that lead to the Holy of Holies. It consists of three chapels. The middle contains the sacred boat, and the two side compartments contain statues of the gods. For the number of its rooms, it is less than a hundred rooms, and they were used to store grain, in addition to the uses of the temple priests at that time.