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Al-Alamein military museum

In commemoration of Egypt's important role in one of the most important battles of World War II, the "Battle of El Alamein", which took place between the Allied and Axis countries in 1942 AD, and to document this battle, the El Alamein Military Museum was built on December 16, 1956, at the 105th kilometer above the Alexandria-Matrouh road, south of The coastal road.

As you wander through its corners, you will discover that it is divided into three sections: the open-air exhibition hall, the permanent exhibition halls, and the temporary exhibition hall. The first contains a set of weapons and equipment for the Axis and Allied forces, including cannons, armored vehicles, tanks, and others. For the permanent exhibition halls, you will notice that they are divided into two parts: the main hall, and five other halls, which are: the Common Hall, Britain Hall, Egypt Hall, Germany Hall, and Italy Hall.

In the main hall, your eyes will fall on murals that tell stories of the war, and sculpted portraits of the leaders of the armies participating in the war, including the German commander, the desert fox "Ervin Rommel". Arriving in the middle of the hall, you will be in front of a memorial consisting of six white steps on either side of two marble steps symbolizing the war years, and atop the monument is a group of white pigeons, indicating that the war years ended in peace. In the common hall, you will learn about a group of military holdings of all the countries that participated in the war.

And for the contents of the other halls, we will let you discover them during your visit to the museum.