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Hurghada Museum

There is no doubt that there is a special pleasure that accompanies visiting museums, wandering between their corners and learning about the stories and tales they reveal, revealing to us the secrets of history.

In the south of Hurghada, one of these museums settled, to be the first archaeological museum in the Red Sea Governorate. It is the "Hurghada Museum", built on an area of 10,000 square meters, 3,000 of them were allocated to the museum building. It is divided into three areas: the museum's exhibition halls, and the entertainment and shopping areas.

It contains more than 1,000 artifacts representing different periods and eras of ancient Egyptian civilization, Islamic, Pharaonic, modern Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Coptic.

While wandering around the museum, your eyes must fall on its most important exhibits, which are represented in: the statue of Queen Merit Amun, the painting of Princess Fatima Ismail, the jewelry of the upper dynasty, as well as 24 pieces of the wreck of the sunken ship "Saadane", whose wreck is located 5 km away. 3 km south of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. In addition to this, the museum displays pieces that narrate the stages of art throughout Egyptian history, the tools that the ancient Egyptian used in his daily life, and other artifacts that will amaze you to see them.