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Another form of natural healing, which will be the subject of our discussion today, is "thalassotherapy". It is a well-known model in the Dead Sea, and it has recently begun to spread in the Red Sea coast. This idea dates back to ancient Greece in the writings of "Hippocrates", who urged the use of sea water in order to alleviate some diseases. And for the term "thalassotherapy", it was coined by the French physician "Joseph de la Bonnardier" in 1867, based on two Greek words Thalassa, meaning "sea", and Therapea, meaning treatment.


The idea of this treatment is based on the use of sea water and other elements of the marine environment, such as: sand, sea mud, algae, seaweed, and marine climate in the treatment of some diseases, such as: back and muscle pain, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, osteoporosis, improve blood circulation, and others.