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Flexibility of the body, clearing the mind, relieving stress, improving blood circulation, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to our body's vital system, making the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the entire body faster and easier, correcting the posture of the spine in order to help the lower skeleton get rid of posture Incorrect bends or wrong postures. All this will come back to you from practicing "Yoga Kemet" in Luxor Governorate.

"Kemet Yoga" or "Egyptian Yoga", goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, and takes its name from the name of ancient Egypt "Kemet". It is a group of physical movements mixed with deep breathing and meditation. This type of yoga has been developed through the study, translation and interpretation of hieroglyphic texts and images on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples, which show some movements for practicing yoga, and we add to this a preliminary research conducted by Dr. Rahotep" during the seventies.