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Hot mineral springs

Because it has multiple therapeutic benefits, it is one of the natural healing methods that most people resort to. They are the hot mineral springs found in Bahariya Oasis, Sinai, Siwa, and other areas of the Western Desert.

As it contains a variety of different minerals, such as calcium and sodium bicarbonate, that our bodies absorb, it increases the flow of blood and oxygen in general. It also helps to relax and reduces stress. We also find that among its benefits, it calms the involuntary nervous system, strengthens the immune system in the body, and relieves inflammation and joint pain.

Among the most famous of these springs, those located in the Sinai, known as “Musa Springs,” a group of hot springs, which have the ability to heal wounds, especially those of diabetics, in addition to their contribution to strengthening the body and regulating high blood pressure. There is also "Ain Kigar" located in Siwa, whose water temperature reaches 67 degrees Celsius, and contains quantities of minerals similar to those found in the springs of Carlo Vivari (CHEZ), the famous health center, which tourists go to for treatment, and as a result, The water of this eye contributes to the treatment of some diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatism, and some diseases of the digestive system.

So, if you are a fan of natural healing, it will be beneficial for you to head to one of these springs.