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Alexan pasha palace


Our place today overlooks the Nile River in the middle of Upper Egypt. It is located on an area of 7000 square meters. King Fouad I stayed there in 1935 AD, also King Farouk and his wife Queen Farida while he was inaugurating the Fouad I Religious Institute in 1939 AD, and its owner received the title of "Pashawi" by King Farouk.


Did you know him? It is the palace of "Alexsan Pasha", which was established in 1910 AD by a group of European artists, to combine its architectural style between French, British and Italian art. It was built of red brick, limestone, and the roof of iron beams and plaited bricks. This architectural masterpiece consists of two floors, with the exception of the eastern side overlooking the Nile River, due to the addition of a third floor for servants. The palace has four facades, each facade has an entrance, and the decorations of each facade are different from the other.


It is noteworthy that in December 1995, a decision was issued by the Supreme Council of Antiquities to include the palace in the list of Islamic monuments, followed by another decision in 2009 by the Council of Ministers, to convert the palace into a national museum containing all the holdings and artifacts in Assiut Governorate, representing different eras and civilizations.