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Taghaghen island

The beautiful nature is enough to clear your mind, improve your mood, and bring you rest and relaxation. If we mention the picturesque nature, we must refer to the "Taghaghine Island and Lake" in Siwa.


Against a wonderful mountain background, amid a fertile area of 3800 square meters, lies Taghaghin, which includes more than one natural water spring such as “Cleopatra’s Bath” and salt water lakes, on whose beaches white salt layers that look like snow are deposited, especially in the winter. Also, it has its own road of 2 km length, on both sides of it, the waters of the lake extend. And for the island, you find it when you reach the end of the road.


For the lake, it is a lake of salt water. At the end of it, there are two mountains, the sun sets between them every night in a more than wonderful scene. And for the island, it will take your breath away because it surrounded by turquoise waters, limestone rock formations, green fields and golden desert sand. In the center of the island, there is a Roman cold spring four meters deep.