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Manial palace museum

Today, let us take you on a tour to a museum, which is considered as a comprehensive art school for the various elements of Islamic arts. It was built in a modern Islamic style borrowed from the Iranian and Mamluk schools, and some Syrian, Moroccan and Andalusian decorations, as well as Persian and Ottoman touches. It is the Palace Museum of Prince "Mohammed Ali" on Manial El-Rawda Island, Cairo.


The palace was built on an area of more than 60,000 square meters. While you wander inside it, you will find that it contains three palaces, namely: the throne palace, the reception palace, and the residence hall, it also includes a mosque, two museums, the clock tower, the golden hall, as well as the unique garden surrounding the palace.


In more detail, the “Residence palace” is the first building built inside the palace, and was the residence of the prince. As for the "Throne" palace, it includes two floors, the ground one, dedicated to the throne hall, which was intended to receive guests during occasions and holidays, and the upper one, you will notice a  rare room that dedicated to the belongings of "Ilhami Pasha", grandfather of Prince "Mohammed Ali", and it is called the "Aubusson Room", due to the aubusson tapestry that covers its walls. By entering the receptionist palace, you will admire the decorations, geometric patterns and dazzling colors that adorn its walls.


In addition to these palaces, your attention will be drawn to the clock tower, located between the reception hall and the mosque, which was built in the style of towers in Andalusia and Morocco, and the mosque, whose surface is decorated with dolls in the form of cobra heads, as well as the Hunting Museum, which includes many collectibles, most of them are heads, Mummified skulls and horns of deer and reptiles.