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Bent pyramid

A pyramid that helped the pharaohs discover the technique of building the Egyptian pyramids. It is 4600 years old. It represents the first attempt to build a complete pyramid after the pyramid of Djoser. It is the "Bent Pyramid of Sneferu", located in the archaeological area of Dahshur.


It was built during the reign of King "Sneferu", founder of the Fourth Dynasty, and it took about 14 years to build.The reason behind calling it the "Bent Pyramid" or "Curved Pyramid" is that when building the bent pyramid, the pyramid was built of stones at diagonal angles relative to the ground, It is estimated at 59 degrees, and it is likely that this caused the construction to sink due to the stone loads, as well as the large angles causing a great steep rise to the pyramid, making it difficult to complete and build the upper part of it. As a result, the engineers built buttress walls that made the unfinished building 55° inclination, and then completed the construction at a 43° angle of inclination, making it the so-called curved pyramid.


It can be said that the bent pyramid of Sneferu is evidence that the Egyptian pyramids were built on scientific grounds, as the engineering error in the process of building the bent pyramid of Sneferu was a reason for gaining experience later when building the pyramids.

It is reported that the pyramid was opened by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to visitors in 2019 for the first time since 1965 AD.