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Sacred lake

The history of Egypt is full of wonders, and the Holy Lake is one of these wonders. Before we say why, let's list some facts about it.

It is located outside the main hall of the Temple of Karnak, and surrounds it on the east, south and west. On its northern and southern sides is a scale of the Nile to determine the dates of the flood each year. Its length is 80 meters, its width is 40 meters, and its age is more than 3000 years!

King "Thutmose III", the sixth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty, ordered and supervised its excavation during the period from 1481 to 1425 BC. For its use, it is said that it was used for purification, washing, and cleaning during festive ceremonies. Perhaps the reason for calling it this name is that the king and the high priest used to bathe in its waters before the start of religious celebrations or ceremonies.

While the reason for being one of the wonders of history is the stability of its water level, it does not change, whether by increase or decrease, and this is despite the factors of time and evaporation. Its water never dries up!