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The pharaonic village

Once you enter the place, you will feel as if you have traveled by a time travel machine to reach the Pharaonic era. In Giza Governorate, specifically on the western bank of the Nile on Jacob Island in Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street, you will be welcomed by Pharaonic Village.
A village that was built as a result of the desire of the engineer, Dr. Hassan Ragab, to establish a museum that embodies ancient Egyptian life. In 1974 AD, Engineer Hassan Ragab began transforming Jacob Island into a model that simulates the life of the ancient Egyptians, and the beginning was by planting nearly five thousand trees around the village in order to hide the appearances of modern Cairo, and then proceeded to equip the village until it was opened in 1984 AD. This was followed by adding some renovations to the village, such as: the opening of a model of Tutankhamun’s tomb similar to the original one located in Luxor Governorate, and the opening of several museums, displaying many stages of ancient and modern Egypt’s history, including: Cleopatra Museum, Museum of Daily Life of Pharaonic Egypt, and Mummification Museum, Museum of Arts and Beliefs, Museum of Modern Egyptian History, and others. There is also a place dedicated to children's games, and a pharaonic bazaar in order to buy valuable pharaonic products. In addition to this, the village is keen to organize various artistic and cultural events.
Therefore, your visit to it will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience.