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Railways museum

It contains a model of the first locomotive that traveled in Egypt, as well as the original text of the contract according to which a railway was established between Cairo and Alexandria with a length of 209 km. It is the Museum of the Egyptian National Railways, located in Ramses Square.
It is the first of its type in the Middle East, and the second oldest railway museum in the world after the British Museum. It was established on 26 of October, 1932 AD, during the reign of King Fouad I, with a desire to document the prosperity of the transport industry in Egypt during this period. In January 1933, the museum was opened in conjunction with the International Conference of Railways.
Through 700 models, exhibits, and a set of documents, maps and statistical data, you will learn about the development of transport and railways in Egypt, as it contains models and images of ancient and modern stations and bridges, and other types of railway bridges, and it also includes a large set of models explaining the development of the first locomotives in the world. . However, as you wander inside the museum, you will find a model of the first locomotive idea that appeared in the world in 1783 AD, and by passing through the traffic lights section, you will learn about the stages of its development.
There is a lot that you will discover during your exciting trip to the museum.