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Abu Galum Reserve

Its excessive beauty, and its charming nature will force you to return to it again, we mean by our words, the city of Dahab, located in southern Sinai. There is no doubt that the landmarks of this city are one of the most important reasons that drive any one to go to it again. One of the most important of these landmarks is what is known as the Abu Galum Reserve

A reserve located in southern Sinai, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. Part of it is located on land, and the other in water, with an area of about 500 square kilometers. It is bordered on the north by the line connecting the intersection of Sharm El-Sheikh-Taba Road with Wadi Rasasah, on the south, it is bordered by Wadi Al-Murra with Jabal Al-Jamra and in the east, it is bordered by coral reefs at a depth of 3-5 km and Sharm El-Sheikh Road from the west. It was declared as a nature reserve by Prime Minister Resolution No. 1511 of 1992 AD, as amended by Resolution No. 33 of 1996 AD. In the following lines, we will show you the most important features of this wonderful reserve.

It Known for its ecological diversity, it includes coral reefs, marine organisms, and lagoons, which mean semi-closed areas that constitute a suitable environment for a number of fish, crustaceans, algae and snails. The reserve also includes sand dunes of both types "Ark and Gharqad" and there are "Sial" trees, which are a shelter for some birds, and food for lint and Nubian ibex, as well as 165 types of plants, 44 of which are found only in the reserve. This is in addition to many valleys, in which the mountains consist of igneous rocks of brown and red color, and each valley contains many branches and ramifications, which represent a shelter and escape for some birds and wild animals. The most prominent of these valleys are Wadi Uqda and Umm Fai. What really distinguishes this reserve, the presence of an underwater cave system that extends to depths of more than 100 meters.

If we talk about what you can do in the reserve, there are diving, swimming, camel riding, safari trips, as well as camping.

So, from here, we can say that if you are looking for relaxation, enjoying the beauty of nature and entertainment, then Abu Galum Reserve should be your next destination.