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Omayed reserve

Our beloved Egypt is full of many nature reserves, which once you get to know them, you will have the desire to visit them. One of these reserves is located on the northwest coast of Egypt, 83 km west of Alexandria, and about 200 km east of Marsa Matruh. It is the "Al-Omayed Nature Reserve", which covers an area of about 705 square kilometers.

In 1981, UNESCO included it in the International Network of Biosphere Reserves. It was declared as a nature reserve in 1986. There is no doubt that there are several reasons, which made it a nature reserve of great importance. We find that it contains many different models of environments, biological communities, land use patterns and desert settlements. It includes more than 864 species distributed over 6 natural environments. For example, the desert environment is represented by coastal sand dunes and depressions between the dunes and rocky interior hills. If we refer to the plant environment, we will find that it contains about 251 species of natural plants, about 70 of them are of medical importance such as the tip and the tongue of the plantain, and 60 species are of economic importance, and nearly 40 species are of ecological importance.

With regard to the animal environment, it contains many wild animals, such as: deer, foxes, jerboas, apocalypse, chameleons, and others. It also includes many types of invertebrate animals, and the number of arthropods reaches more than 300 species, in addition to containing types of migratory and resident birds.

It is worth noting that this reserve is culturally and historically important for several reasons, including: it contains an archaeological area dating back to the Greek and Roman eras, and it also includes a number of tombs carved under the soil, surface tombs and remains of palaces and houses. However, it witnessed a number of war battles during the World War and near it, there are historical shrines, tombs of soldiers, and the El Alamein War Museum.