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Sahaba mosque

A cultural and religious edifice located in the city of salam "Sharm el-Sheikh" in South Sinai governate, to be one of the most famous attractions for religious tourism, which is visited by tourists from around the world. And It's the second largest mosque in Sharm el-Sheikh known as the sahaba mosque

And to be more specific, the mosque is located in the heart of the old market area, overlooking the Red Sea. Opened in March 2017, not only to be a chapel, we can also consider it a minaret of culture, as it’s also a house of a religious cultural library, containing publications of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in different languages, as well as the presence of a global Islamic cultural center in another building next to the mosque.

The Sahaba Mosque was built to combine more than one architectural style, "Ottoman, Mamluk, Fatimid, and Church." For example, the Ottoman style is found in the copper domes of the mosque, the muqarnas in one of the minarets, and the golden color used in the doors representing the Mamluk style. And It was decorated with decorations that made it represent the modern-day Islamic architecture.

This great edifice extends to about 3,000 and 3 meters, which explains its ability to take more than 3,000 worshippers. As a building, the mosque has two minarets, each 76 metres high. It has a large number of domes. Inside, there is a basement with two prayer umbrellas and 36 toilets. Besides this, we can find service buildings and commercial units, which act as a stop for the mosque.

And if you have wondered why the mosque is named after this name, It’s because of the lighting Installed in multiple aspects of the mosque which is made of pottery, contains the names of the companions of Our prophet Muhammad, such as Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, Omar bin Al-Khattab, and Osman bin Afan, may God bless them.