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Hounds and Jackals' game

With four wooden pieces of dice, ten sticks, and a wooden patch, printed with the inscriptions of the game, you can play one of the games that was known in ancient Egypt, a game known as the hounds and Jackals’ game, A Game which is about 4000 years old. The entire collection was discovered at Theba Cemetery, where the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Amenmhat the fourth, who belongs to the 12th dynasty, was buried in Al-Asasif, Luxor governorate. The game appeared in Egypt around the year of 2000, and got famous in the Central Kingdom

As for the name of the game, it is known with several names, such as the "58 holes", because the game contains 58 holes, divided into 29 holes on each side. It was also known as the Palm tree game, as a result of some of the holes being replaced by a palm drawing. The well-known name, "Hounds and Jackals," comes from the stick design, five of which were designed as a "hound", and the rest in the form of an animal known as aaben awa which is "jackal".

As for the way you play, there are two players, one who takes five sticks with the head of the hound, the other takes the other five with the head of the "jackal", and each player has to start from one point on the patch, and reach all the pieces to another point on them, knowing that the hole at the end of the patch is slightly bigger than the rest of the holes in it, which can be considered the end point for the players.

And it’s worth to mention that the final collection of the game is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.