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The city of Herculean

Egypt will continue on being a source of fascination and admiration for the whole world, perhaps one of the most important reasons for this is the great discovery of the city of Herculean, also known as "Thunis", in The Bay of Abu Qir, about 26 km east of the eastern port of Alexandria Governorate, discovered by a team of divers of the European Institute of Sunken Antiquities lead by Frank Goodio.

the name may be a little strange, but it’s not as important as what was found in it such as jewelries, coins, huge statues, architectural monuments and other archaeological materials, we can say that this city experienced a time of glory and luxury during its occupation from the 6th to the 4th century. However, part of a completely destroyed temple was also found within the Southern Canal. Which is considered as the main temple of the city, the Temple of Amon Djerb.

As well as many storages crockery, tableware from the third and second centuries, bronze coins from the era of King Ptolemy II, and remains of a Greek temple

A mission, with the SSPI scanner, was also able to find another extension of Herculean Port, which consists of a group of previously unknown ports. A selection of the discovered relics has been exhibited in large moving exhibitions, including the 2015-2016 Exhibition "Osiris and the Sunken Secrets of Egypt" and the exhibition of "Soaked Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds" in 2016.

Although it is unclear why this city sank, it will remain a great archaeological discovery.