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Salt of lakes

A place where you will find both pleasure and peace where the famous saying ‘let yourself go and the water will lift you’ will come true, a place that exists only for your happiness It's the salt lakes of The Oasis of Siwa.

Four lakes that represents a tourist destination for both foreigners and Egyptians weather if it was for the purpose of relaxing or medical treatments of some diseases, it’s the olive lake that’s considered an incent agricultural drainage located on the eastern side of the oasis. And Lake Agueromi which is Located on the north eastern side of the oasis, as well as the two lakes of "Shali" and "Maraki".

And It is worth to mention that these lakes are the product of the drainage of surface wells in the oasis, and the density of its water, where the salt rate is from 1500 to 8000 parts per million, which helps to ease swimming inside it, especially if you can’t swim

And what makes These lakes considered as an economic value, containing millions of tons of rock salt, which is exported to Europe for the use in many industries such as: table salt, soap, industrial silk, oil refining, etc.