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Cairo tower

In the shape of a lotus flower, the Cairo Tower was built on the banks of the Nile River on the island of Zamalek to be the second highest tourist tower in the world after the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and one of the most important tourist attractions in Cairo Governorate.

This architectural masterpiece was designed by the genius engineer "Noam Shabib", and 500 Egyptians workers participated in its construction, and it took five years to build to be opened in 1961 AD. It was built by Aswan granite which was also used to build Pharanoic temples. its height was 187 meters, 43 meters higher than the great Pyramid.

 It is noteworthy that in 2006, renovations were made to the tower, and three floors of metal structures were added to it from the bottom, and an emergency staircase. Two years later, it was provided with light emitters that emit the seven colors of the spectrum in the form of luminous spots similar to the stars that adorn the Cairo sky at night.

It is worth noting that it will only take 45 seconds to reach the top of the tower! Then you will be able to see a complete panoramic view of Cairo, where you can see the pyramids, the Sphinx, the TV building, the Nile, the Citadel of Salah El-Din, as well as Al-Azhar. However, on the 14th floor, you will find a revolving restaurant that revolves around a fulcrum that enables you to see Cairo from all angles!