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Fossilized forest reserve

As Egyptians we are proud of the historical places and tourist sites that Egypt holds yet we are frustrated with the lack of attention these places get and we aim to shed more light on the beauty of these sites.

And one of these sites is located 18km south maadi neighborhood known as “the fossilized forest reserve” which dates back to the Oligocene era with a 7 square km of space and it was announced as a nature reserve in the year of 1989.

The reserve has the shape of a plateau almost flat that contains some cliffs and hills that been blown by the wind and its mostly covered with mountains of wood that belongs to the Oligocene era, and this amount of various kinds of reserved wood gives the geologists the chance to study and make records of the past life of this earth and these stems and tree roots take the shapes of siliceous rock cuts with cylindrical sections which gathers in the form of a petrified forest that resembles an open fossil museum.

And for the source of these stems and tree roots, it’s said that it’s been moved by the river to where it’s located now and petrified.

And this is confirmed by the fact that there is no trace of any other plant residues other than the stems and tree roots and these roots are free of barks.