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Siwa Oasis

Healing and recreation are things you will find in a spot classified as one of the most isolated places on the planet, located in the heart of the Western Desert of Egypt, 300 km from Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and about 820 km southwest of Cairo near the border with Libya. It is the charming oasis in all its details, "Siwa Oasis", or the land of "Jupiter Amon" as the pharaohs called it.


As soon as you need to recover from diseases such as rheumatic diseases, joint pain, spine, and rheumatoid arthritis, Siwa Oasis will be the perfect destination for you, because the sands of Siwa contain natural elements and radiation that help treat these diseases. Seven places in Jebel Dakrour are specialized in making sand baths for their visitors. Its salt lakes are also famous for curing such diseases.


In addition to the healing properties of its sand, its hot water also has a share of these properties, as it contains hot sulfur water that is used in the treatment of many skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Among the most famous springs and wells in the oasis are Cleopatra's Bath, Ain Al-Arayes, Ain Fintas, and Ain Kigar.


What is also famous for the oasis is the so-called "great sand sea", which is considered as soft sand in the form of waves. Here you can go on safari and sand boarding. As for the archaeological monuments contained in the oasis, there is the Temple of "Jupiter Amon", the Temple of "Treasury", and the Mountain of the Dead, which includes pharaonic tombs dating back to the twenty-sixth dynasty.